These are the sites I have worked on:

Lucy Bartholomew — 2017

Lucy is one of the leading trail runners in Australia. A young talent who can race strong. It was my pleasure to create her web presence. She shares her favourite recipes, her race experience and some great training tips. The site is now maintained by one of Lucy's friends.

Check it out at  www.lucybartholomew.info


Glemand Westies — 2015

Glenn and Sigrid Mason are West Highland White Terrier breeders and active exhibitors from Victoria. They are breeding for quality, temperament and type. Puppies are born and raised in the home to provide loving and outgoing natures.

Glenn called me to build a new and modern site, so I had the opportunity to learn about something new and to meet Glenn and Sigrid.

Check out those cute westies here.

Running Wild — 2015

We were at the Prom (after I finished the 44 km run) when Paul asked me if I was interested in upgrading the Running Wild web site. I welcomed the opportunity to do something new and creative, especially since is about trail running.

I had the privilege of meeting some very interesting people and places while working on this project. The pictures of previous runs!! They are awesome and make me want to do all those amazing (read “hard”) runs that Paul organises. I encourage everyone to take part in at least one of these events—you will finish as a different person.

The site is ever evolving, we are adding new events, changing dates, uploading photos, results. Make sure you check it out from time to time http://runningwild.net.au/

Heidi Victoria — 2013

Heidi Victoria is a MP, Member for Bayswater District, Minister for the Arts, Minister for Women’s Affairs, Minister for Consumer Affairs, someone who knows a thing or two about art, a lovely person AND she loves shoes!!!

I have built this site with Joomla!, so the content can constantly be maintained by the relevant person in the Electorate Office.

The design itself had to be serious, yet feminine.

Check it out here

Passion for Shoes — 2013

Nicole decided to have an online shoe store, offering for the 30’s and up shoes with special features (animal free, with anti bacterial inserts, etc.). This is also good news for the ladies with smaller or larger feet, as she supplies sizes 5 to 13 and all at affordable prices. This was my very first online shop. The shopping cart is MijoShop from Mijosoft LLC customised to Nicole's requirements.

This site is now managed by a different company, and not much left of the original design.

BetaLab — 2012

Betalab is a dental laboratory in Blackburn. An old acquintance pointed me to Patrick Davies a few years ago and I was very impressed with his work. I was very excited about designing this site – it’s a new industry for me and Patrick has given me the go ahead to use bright colours.

The project is half way through, the Patrick Davies Denture Clinic part of it is ready, the professional side (Betalab) is still to come. You can follow the site’s development here. Patrick is also thinking of adding a new branch—Mouthguards by Patrick, which is an exciting new area with all the fancy mouthguards.

La Mint — 2012

Leanne at La Mint has decided she would like a new design, something new, something more elegant. Three other designs later, we decided on this one.

This site is currently maintained by someone else and has been changed, there is not much left from the original design.

Soil Survey — 2011

This guy is a genius! John Rasic is a soil scientist, someone who digs a hole in the ground and then from the soil’s profile he can create a comprehensive report that tells you what you can and what you cannot do with your land. Pretty amazing as are the photos of the soil profiles.

There are very few people in Australia who can do this and he is one of them and I am priviledged to be the “web translator”. You can visit the site here.

Transcrypt — 2011

Mandy is running a market research and transcription business, she needed a website and a logo for it. The logo you seen in the right corner is not an image, but the word "tranScrypt" styled in three ways.

Visit the site www.transcrypt.com.au

Salon of Beauty — 2010

I am a client of this salon and always wondered why there is no website for such a magnificent place. I loved the care, the kindness and that very special chandelier in the reception area (ruby red)—it simply mesmerised me. This site is now ready, with a wide range of products. Feel free to browse through.

Visit the site www.salonofbeauty.com.au

Healthy Glow — 2010

OK, it was time to apply the techniques I have learnt since 2007 and re-design Healthy Glow. Andi had new services and products to add, too. We have also created a page for the photo gallery which depicts the treatment rooms of the salon and added a few new practical pages to the site.

This site is now (2017) re-built and managed by the new owners of the business.

Fiorelli Packing — 2009

Fiorelli Packing is a family owned distribution, freight and packing company in Hallam, Victoria. I have been commissioned to re-design their outdated website.

The artwork on the left can be seen in the front of the company as you drive along Hallam South Road, you just can’t miss it.

Visit the new site of Fiorelli Packing.

La Mint — 2009

La Mint Restaurant & Bar in East Sydney decided to revamp their old site. I liked the clean colours.

Greenlands Fruit and Vegetables — 2009

Greenlands is a family owned fruit and vegetable providore in Kylsith. The company’s growth has attracted the need for a website and this is where I came in.

It was a pleasure working with Vince [Pezzano]. On a funny note, he is hooked on the moving bits—hence the chopped tomato in the heading.

Hej Haver! — 2008

This is a site I have built for my husband’s (Otto’s) 25th high school reunion. It is in Hungarian and I update it from time-to-time. I used their card’s colours and logo to create the theme.


Bellwether Agriculture — 2008

I have been asked by the client to re-design their existing site and make changes. Bellwether decided to go with a different design.

Frontline Human Resources — 2007

Frontline Human Resources asked me to re-design their outdated site. This was the first concept design.

They have decided to go with another design.

Healthy Glow Beauty Clinic — 2007

Healthy Glow Beauty Clinic have changed their location, logo and stationery so it was time to re-design the web site, too. Since I have worked on this project, I am crazy about frangipani.

The warm orange reflects the company’s friendly service and the crisp white the hygiene. My job was to create this feel.


Old Healthy Glow Beauty Clinic — 2006

This is a screenshot of the previous version of Healthy Glow. This was the very first site I have designed and built with CSS

Ujra Itt Van! — 2006

I designed and built this site to help with my 20th high school reunion. The site makes it possible to find our classmates in the database, log in, change contact details and has lots of funny pictures.

I worked on it with the laptop on my lap in the car and late nights after work. I used the cards we have given out when we finished school… lovely memories.

The hard work paid off, as nearly the whole class was there in 2006 in spite of most of us living abroad for many years. The site is written in Hungarian and needs some serious updates. I hope I will get to it one day.

Visit the site www.ujraittvan.info

Irrig8right — 2004

Irrig8right is a purely informational site I have designed and built during the Pratt Water Project. The Converter page lets the user download a little utility program I wrote in Delphi, it converts irrigation related units.

This is my very first serious site, even if built with tables. It is my goal to re-build it at some point — just to have my inner peace.

Visit the site www.irrig8right.com.au